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2016 SEAMEO BIOTROP Training Courses,
Seminars and Workshops New!

Training has been a major mandate of SEAMEO BIOTROP since its establishment in 1968. This mandate is aimed at helping produce a cadre of improved human resources in Southeast Asia on various aspects of tropical biology that are capable of bringing innovation and growth in their areas of work toward contributing to the total sustainable development of their respective countries. This mandate is being carried out by the Centre through funding support from the Government of Indonesia, SEAMEO Special Education Development Fund, and other national and international funding partners.

Through the years, the Centre has continuously addressed the knowledge and skills development needs of clost to 10,000 professionals and students from government and private institutions on a wide range of topics on tropical biology.

For 2016, the Centre has lined up 9 national training courses, 4 regional training courses, 2 In-country training course, and 2 seminar-workshops for implementation along 2 major program thrusts identified under its 9th Five-Year Development Plan. These program thrusts are (1) tropical biology for community welfare, and (2) tropical biology for environmental integrity.

The 5 major programs include pest and disease management, biosystematics, natural products and waste management, water ecosystem and coastal zone management, and biotechnology. All of the courses are coordinated and facilitated by the Centre's in-house scientists supported by relevant logistical units, including the BIOTROP Information and Training Centre.

Detail of Training Courses, Seminar, Workshop, and Conference
Regional Training Courses and Seminar-Workshops
1. 5th Regional Training Course on Risk Assesment and Management of Invasive Alien Plant Species (May 2016)
  Course Coodinator : Dr. Sri Sudarmiyati/ Dr. Sukisman
2. Roundtable Meeting on Establishing a Mangrove Conservation Education Program in Indonesia and Thailand (BIOTROP, 19-20 May 2016)
  Course Coodinator : Dr. Jess Fernandez
3. Regional Seminar-Workshop on Strengthening & Harmonizing Halal Food Research and Processing in Southeast Asia (11 - 12 August 2016)
  Course Coodinator : Mrs. Santi Ambarwati/ Dr. Jess C. Fernandez
4. International Seminar on Biodiversity in Collaboration with University of Andalas Padang West Sumatra
  Course Coodinator : Dr. Irdika Mansur
In-Country Training Courses, Seminars & Workshops
5. In-country training for Timor Leste (Topic still to be determined based on the request of GB Member)
  Course Coodinator :  
National Training Course, Seminars & Workshops
6. Training on Establishing School Gardens for Nutrition, Literacy, and Entrepreneurship Among Primary and Secondary Schools in Indonesia (BIOTROP, 9 - 12 May 2016)
  Course Coodinator : Dr. Irdika Mansur
7. Training on Urban Agriculture for Vocational and Special Education Teachers (BIOTROP, 9 - 12 May 2016)
  Course Coodinator : Dr. Arief Sabdo Yuwono
8. Training on Effective Postharvest Handling of Nutmeg to Minimize Aflatoxin Contamination (Manado, August 2016)
  Course Coodinator : Dr. Okky, Mrs. Santi
9. Seminar-workshop on Formulation of Policy Briefs based on Research Results (7-8 September 2016)
  Course Coodinator : Dr. Jess Fernandez
10. Life Skills Trainings for SEAMEO STAR Village (May and September 2016)
  Course Coodinator : Commdev and Capacity Building Unit
11. 1st Quarterly Public Seminar (TBD)
  Course Coodinator : Commdev and Capacity Building Unit
12. 2nd Quarterly Public Seminar (19 May 2016)
Weed Identification. Speaker: Dr. Jan-Frits Veldkamp
  Course Coodinator : Capacity Building Unit
13. 3rd Quarterly Public Seminar (22 August 2016)
  Course Coodinator : Capacity Building Unit
14. 4th Quarterly Public Seminar (17 October 2016)
  Course Coodinator : Capacity Building Unit

1. All interested parties are requested to submit duly accomplished application form to the seminar coordinator (cc: on or before the deadline.
2. SEAMEO BIOTROP has the right to cancel or postpone the implementation of this seminar if the number of participants does not reach the minimum target of 30.
3. For further details on the course, kindly directly email the seminar coordinator.

Application Procedures
All interested parties are required to submit the prescribed application form to SEAMEO BIOTROP either through  slow mail (SEAMEO BIOTROP, PO Box 116, Bogor, Indonesia) or e-mail through the designated coordinators.  Application form can be downloaded from SEAMEO BIOTROP website:
Training Application Form
* English version
* Indonesian version
Duly accomplished application forms must be submitted at least 1 month before the start of any training course/seminar/workshop for screening purposes.  The specific deadlines are indicated in the respective learning activities.
SEAMEO BIOTROP shall send acceptance letters to qualified participants.

Admission Requirements
All training courses and other learning activities are open all interested parties but priority is given to  nationals of SEAMEO member countries especially for sponsored courses. However, those categorized as national training courses are exclusively for Indonesian participants only.
Interested parties must satisfy the following basic requirements for admission:
1.   Have at least a B.Sc. degree, or its equivalent, related to the training
2.   Be proficient in spoken and written English for regional/international training courses
3.   Be in good health as certified by a physician
4.   Must have a regular appointment in the organization he/she is affiliated with

Other specific requirements per training will come from the coordinators.

Training Course Design
  1. Most, if not all, of the training courses are designed within a one-week duration.
  2. Depending on the nature of the training course,  training methods/activities usually consist of lecture-discussions, field trip/practicum, small group workshops, individual assignments, and laboratory exercises.  These training methods/activities are meant to address the knowledge and skills development needs of the participants on the subject matter of their interest.
  3. Lecture notes and other training materials are given to the participants during or toward the end of the training course depending on the resource persons and on the nature of activities that the particants will undergo.
  4. Participants are expected to produce specific individual and/or group outputs during and toward the end of the training course as requirements for completion.  These outputs are meant to gauge the level of learning achieved by the participants as a result of their training attendance.  The outputs could also serve as inputs to explore possibilities for future collaboration with the participants’ organization and SEAMEO BIOTROP, thus, sustaining training impacts.
  5. SEAMEO BIOTROP training courses are meant to establish networks of professionals to sustain exchange of information and experiences, further develop knowledge base on the subject matters, and forge inter-organizational collaborations.  Participants that would successfully complete any training course shall automatically be included in SEAMEO BIOTROP’s database of training alumni.

Implementation Scheme
  1. Unless otherwise indicated, all training courses are conducted at the SEAMEO BIOTROP headquarter in Bogor, Indonesia.  Participants are housed in cottages inside the Centre campus.
  2. The medium for instruction for national training courses is Bahasa Indonesia and English for regional/international training courses.
  3. Cancellation of participation shall be made by concerned individuals one week before the start of the training course through a formal letter to be submitted to SEAMEO BIOTROP either via email to the designated coordinator  or fax (+62 251 8326851).  The letter must be addressed to the designated coordinator.
  4. SEAMEO BIOTROP gives two types of training certificate depending on the compliance of the participants on the undertaking the training course requirements as follows:
    a. Certificate of Completion for participants who have completed at least 80 percent training attendance and activities.
    b. Certificate of Participation for participants who have completed less than 80 percent of training attendance and activities.
  1. SEAMEO BIOTROP has the right to cancel/postpone the implementation of any training course if the number of participants is less than 12.  The Centre shall announce the cancellation/postponement of a training course 10 working days before target date of implementation.