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Student's Internship Program at the Southeast Asian Regional Centre for Tropical Biology (BIOTROP)


The Regional Centre for Tropical Biology (BIOTROP) is one of the 19 centres of excellence of the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) . It was established in 1968 to promote tropical biology for development in the region through research, training, and information exchange.

Other than training, part of BIOTROP’s capacity building goal is providing students’ internship. The students can either be (a) thesis students, and (b) "on-the-job” or practicum students. In general, all of them shall be referred to as BIOTROP Student Interns.

Classification of BIOTROP Student Interns

BIOTROP Student Interns may fall into any of the following categories:

Thesis Students: those who need to complete a research thesis as a requirement for either an undergraduate or graduate (masteral or doctoral) degree. They may come to BIOTROP, with or without research funds, to avail themselves of technical guidance from in-house scientists and/or use of laboratory facilities. The period of their research work maybe from 1 to 12 months which can be extended as needed.

On-the-job/practicum students: usually undergraduate students who are required to acquire some course credits for graduation. These credits are earned either by completing certain number on-the-job exposures or specific outputs related to their field of specialization as required by their respective degree programs. The period for being on-the-job may run from 2 weeks up to a maximum of 2 months.

Application Process

Any student who is interested to become a BIOTROP Student Intern must:

  1. Be familiar with the General Terms and Conditions regarding the kind of internship he/she would like to have at BIOTROP
  2. Fill up the appropriate application form below and submit to BIOTROP Human Resource Management Unit:
  3. Secure endorsement letter from his/her adviser addressed to BIOTROP Director
  4. Sign an agreement letter, if accepted, and submit original copies of all required documents to BIOTROP Human Resource Management Unit.