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Training and Other Learning Programs

Building the capacities ofindividuals and institutions in the government and private sectors remains a major mandate of SEAMEO BIOTROP through the following activities:

  • Training
  • Masters in Information Technology for Natural Resource Management
  • Internship
  • Seminars and Workshops
  • Meetings, Symposia and Conferences

The Centre offers trainings and other learning programs to a varied range of target participants. They are aimed at helping produce a cadre of improved human resources in Southeast Asia on various aspects of tropical biology that are capable of bringing innovation and growth in their areas of work toward contributing to the total sustainable development of their respective countries. The trainings and other learning programs are conducted either on fee-basis and/or under sponsorship and collaboration with relevant partners. Unless otherwise indicated, all training courses and other learning programs are conducted at SEAMEO BIOTROP headquarter in Bogor, Indonesia.