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Posted:14 Mar 2014
Land Cover Changes and Potential Hydrological Responses in Palu Catchment, Central Sulawesi Province
by : I Made Anombawa
Supervised by : Hidayat Pawitan and Antonius B. Wijanarto
Year : 2012
Sumamry :
In past 20 years the land cover in Palu catchment with total area 3,050 km2 has changed due to the pressure of population activities. This mainly is reducing the amount of forest cover area and increased of urban and agricultural area. It gives impact to the water balance in the catchment, such as the changes of runoff and stream discharges. This study was focused to assess the hydrological response on the stream channel due to the changes of the land use and land cover on the watershed by utilizing remote sensed data, GIS, and hydrological model. Through remote sensing image interpretation, the forest cover has been decreased by 130.6 km2 or equal to 4.3% of total watershed area during period 1990-2001 and 250.9 km2 or equal to 8.2% of total watershed area during period 2001-2009. The conversion of the forest cover is might due to expansion of the agricultural land by 139.2 km2 or 4.6 % during period of 1990 to 2001 and 339.9 km2 or 11.1% during period of 2001 to 2001. From the simulation, it indicated that the total annual discharges volume was increased about 152,390,000 m3 or 4.5% during period 1990 to 2001 and 292,448,000 m3 or 8.2% during period 2001 to 2009. This might due to the changes of land cover and decreased of forest area in Palu Catchment.

Keywords: Stream flow, surface runoff, hydrological response, peak flow, HEC-HMS.