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RCE Bogor

RCE Bogor, was acknowledged as the first RCE in Indonesia. The formal launch of the RCE Bogor was held on the 6th February 2006 at SEAMEO BIOTROP Campus. SEAMEO BIOTROP is acting as the host of RCE Bogor secretariat. Dr. Zinaida Fadeeva and Prof. Mario Tabucanon addressed keynote speech about EfSD and RCE concept. During the launching of RCE Bogor, 10 drawing about environment from primary school students were dedicated to RCE Bogor.

Since launched on 6 February 2007 in Bogor, we have continued to socialize the concept and the mission of RCE Bogor, that is to support sustainable development in Indonesia and beyond. Several stakeholders’ meetings have been conducted resulting the willingness of the stakeholders to take part in action in the domain of EfSD. Internally, at SEAMEO BIOTROP Campus, we have applied a pilot project : “the Green and Clean” activity by managing our organic waste from the canteen. We separate our waste to compost the organic matter. A technology for managing waste from Bogor market using worms has been applied. This program is the continuation of the cooperation program with municipality of Bogor since 2004.

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