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MSc in IT for NRM

In 1998,SEAMEO BIOTROP in cooperation with Bogor Agricultural University has established the International Post Graduate Study Programme in Information Technology for Natural Resources Management (MSc in IT for NRM). The students come from Indonesia and other SEAMEO member countries.

This study programme integrates GIS, Remote Sensing, Simulation Modeling and Decision Support System for planning and maintaining natural resources. The Academic activities are conducted at SEAMEO BIOTROP Campus. There are four main core (major) courses and several elective (minor) courses. Students are advised to take minor subjects that are relevant to their background. The primary aim of the Program is to deal with quantitative approaches to enable the development of a reliable decision-support system for natural resources management.

The core (major) courses consist of:

  1. Simulation Modeling and Expert Systems
  2. Geographical Information System
  3. Remote Sensing/Image Processing
  4. Decision Support Systems

Elective (minor) courses include topics in:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Forestry
  3. Animal Husbandry
  4. Fisheries
  5. Hydrology
  6. Geostatistics

In the fourth or final semester, students will determine a special project in consultation with their supervisors who are experts in their respective fields. The project should combine most of the Program contents for advanced analysis and application of Information Technology into a comprehensive, practical exercise that is relevant to the student's background and training. The project will make use of facilities such as the Internet connection, the library and computer software, and students will have access to various available data including remote sensing data.

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