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The IndoBIC (Indonesian Biotechnology Information Centre) was established initially in 2003 as the cooperation between the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications (ISAAA) and the Southeast Asian Regional Centre for Tropical Biology (SEAMEO BIOTROP).

IndoBIC, as one of the regional network of Biotechnology Information Centres (BIC) in Southeast Asia, is expected to strengthen the links it has made and the partnerships being established. While focusing on effective communication strategies to bring across information on biotechnology, it is hopes to explore further other tools to widen its reach, and maintain its credibility so that it can be truly the regional hub of relevant and accurate information on agricultural biotechnology.


In line with the objectives of BIC in general, the objectives of IndoBIC are to :

  • Serve as a hub of the regional network for current science-based information on agricultural biotechnology.
  • Support national programmes on agricultural biotechnology by providing strategic information for decision-making.
  • Act as a centre for information dissemination for various stakeholders.
  • Coordinate with regional and national network nodes on the exchange, processing, synthesizing, packaging, as well as distributing agricultural biotechnology science-based information using appropriate formats for various stakeholders.


The programmes have two specific goals i.e. (1) to help national programmes facilitate the development of a policy environment conducive to the application of biotechnologies, and (2) to promote public understanding of scientific advances in crop biotechnology. The programmes consist of :

  • Seminars/workshops/conferences for decision-makers, journalists, researchers, the industries and the public depending on their needs and competencies.
  • Training courses for researchers, teachers, journalists and university staff in popularizing scientific information on biotechnology.
  • Production of communication materials for television, radio, newspapers (video/cassettes, CD-ROM, printed materials) and development of websites.
  • Support for scientific journals, proceedings and semi-popular publications on biotechnology such as organized by the Indonesian Association of Agricultural Biotechnologists (PBPI).
  • Article-writing competitions on biotechnology perception and appreciation for high school and university students, the public and journalists.
For more information, please contact :

Indonesian Biotechnology Information Centre (IndoBiC)
SEAMEO BIOTROP Building, 2nd Floor
Jl. Raya Tajur Km. 6, Bogor, Indonesia
Ph. +62-251-323848, 390107
Fax. +62-251-326851, 390107