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Bogor Science Park
The Bogor Science Park (BSP) is one of the interactive learning facilities in SEAMEO BIOTROP that aims to enhance the interest of  primary and high school students  in science. Launched on February 6, 2007, the BSP consists of a two-storey building installed with science displays and  equipments in biology, physics, environment, and transportation, as well as various experimental/demonstration sites located outside the building.  A bridge connects the second floor of the building to the outdoor area.  

Students can learn and, at the same time, have fun in the Park. The displays in the building are in the form  of prototypes, animations and movies which are meant to support the learning process of existing science curricula  in  primary and secondary schools.  The students can also observe actual plant-animal-environment interactions in the various experimental/demonstrations sites and can also provide them hands-on experiences in plant propagation, composting, fish rearing, and other related activities.

The Bogor Science Park is one of the main infrastructures in SEAMEO BIOTROP campus as part of its integrated services and as a learning center concept for its clients and partners.   This concept was developed to nurture innovations in science and technology and to provide the opportunities for Centre scientists to directly interact and exchange knowledge and experiences with other scientists, students, and the general public visiting the Centre. Other learning facilities include laboratories, green houses, nursery, fish ponds, and a One-Stop Technology and Knowledge Shop.  A coffee shop is also available for refreshment.

The Park is located in Jalan Tajur Raya Km6 and is easily accessible through public transport. area, close to the centre of Bogor City, is very easily accessible with excellent road and public transport connections. It has a green field for experimental site ,  and near from meeting room, cafe and research facilities.

The Bogor Science Park is surely a place to inspire budding scientists among the youth.