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Enhalus Acoroides Transplantation for Restoring Seagrass Meadows at Coastal Area of Barranglompo
Researcher : I. Yasir, M. A, Amran
Published : 2010
Group :Environment
Full Report : Special request
Abstract :
The research title is “Enhalus acoroides transplantation for restoring seagrass meadows at coastal area of Barranglompo”. The investigation was done regular intervals from March to September 2010. The study aimed to compare the two methods that used to transplant seagrass Enhalus acoroides , which are Free-sediment Method and with sediment methods which also called Plug Method. Within six months of observation after planting, the survival rate of transplanted seagrass using both methods did not show any significant different in survival rate, the numbers of leaves and the accretion of the leaves length.