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Exploration and Characterization of Methanotrophic Bacteria from Rice Fields
Researcher : I. Rusmana
Published : 2008
Group :Environment
Full Report : Special request
Abstract :
Methane is a greenhouse gas and has potency to deplete ozone layer.  Rice fields are a significantly sources of atmospheric methane.  Chemical fertilizers application in rice fields can increase methane emission. Methanotrophic bacteria are unique in their ability to utilize methane as a sole carbon and energy source.  This research was successfully isolating characterizing methanotrophic bacteria from rice fields in Bogor and Sukabumi. West Java.  Determination of methane oxidation activity using Gas Chromatography was shown that all isolates performed methane oxidation activity.  The highest methane oxidation activity was performed by BGM 9 isolate. The isolate also had sMMO enzyme activity. BGM 9 was performed single band of amplified mmoX DNA in the size of 500 bp and aplification of pmoA was performed three bands of amplified DNA  in the size of 1000, 750 and 500 bp respectively.  Sequence analysis of  mmoX gene PCR product indicated that the gene a novel mmoX gene.