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Effect of mancozeb 80% concertrations on the growth of Cenococcum geophilum Fr. under In vitro condition
Researcher : Supriyanto, U.S. Irawan
Published : 2005
Group :Microorganism
Full Report : Special request
Abstract :
Fungicides, such as Mancozeb 80% are used in nurseries to prevent the plant root against pathogenic fungi. These fungicides may have negative impacts on beneficial organisms such as ectomycorrhizal fungi. Cenococcum geophilum is an important ectomycorrhizal fungus associated with some forest trees species.
An in vitro experiment was conducted in laboratory condition. Cenococcum geophilum was cultured on solid Modified Melin Nokrans' (MMN) medium containing Mancozeb 80% at different concentrations (0, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, and 1000 mM). A completely randomized design was used with 8 replicates Petri dishes. Mancozeb 80 % decreased the growth of mycelia of C. geophilum. The radial growth of mycelia was not inhibited by Mancozeb 80 % at 0 to 400 mM concentrations. Fungi-static effect of Mancozeb 80 % was found at 500 to 600 mM concentrations, meanwhile fungi-toxic effect of Mancozeb 80 % was obtained at concentration more than 700 mM. A lethal level of Mancozeb 80% to the growth of C. geophilum was not found.