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Posted:11 Dec 2018
BIOTROP Courier Vol. 20 No.4 (Oct - Dec 2018)
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Abstract :

What a good way to end 2018 with all the momentous events that BIOTROP had undertaken together with our partner institutions during this year!

For the first time, BIOTROP conducted a training on disaster mitigation in coastal areas for school teachers to increase their awareness towards how to face disasters and reduce their impacts.

We held our second in-country training on urban agriculture in Vietnam this October in collaboration with SEAMEO Regional Centre for Special Education Needs (SEN), SEAMEO Regional Centre for Lifelong Learning (CELLL) and Nong Lam University. Thirty-one special and early childhood education teachers and community learning centre (CLC) educators attended this training course.

We also organized a training on designing Zoning Plans of Coastal Areas and Small Islands (RZWP-3-K) to support development in coastal areas in Indonesia. Our Centre also conducted a training on spatial analysis of carrying capacity and land capability to support regional development planning. We also completed the second offering of our training on spatial dynamics models for decision support in food security program and on the application of acoustic technology for ocean resources exploration and quantification. These are among our efforts this year to deliver wider benefit for communities in Indonesia.

For our last Quarterly Public Seminar in 2018, we featured Mr Fabian Brambach, a tropical forest ecologist from Germany, with the topic of characterization of forest communities at different elevations specifically at Lore Lindu National Park (LLNP) in Central Sulawesi.

We also continue to spread the real value of tropical biology by organizing a video competition for the first time. The winners have been announced and we congratulate all of them.

We are proud to pass our first external audit on ISO 9001:2015 since we started implementing it this year. We are also proud that one of our staff, Dr Erina Sulistiani, has earned her doctoral degree from Bogor Agricultural University this year.

In this issue, we also provide you with a brief introduction of our new staff joining this year and with the infographic on the series of our Golden Anniversary celebration activities we conducted throughout this year.

These and other activities that you would read in this issue made the last quarter of this year memorable to us. We wish all our readers a productive year ahead of us. Happy New Year!